This page has been prepared for purchasers of Whitby Town as well as those discerning buyers who are interested in understanding more detail about Whitby Town. It provides information and guidance on a number matters you should consider in building and owing a new home in Whitby Town including: Design Guidelines & Covenants, approved and draft Local Development Plans, information on Bushfire Management, details on how to apply for your Landscaping & Fencing package, Stage Plans with services locations and NBN Co.

Design Guidelines & Covenants

The Design Guidelines have been prepared to ensure homes are built to a high standard. This maximises and protects the value of your investment by complementing surrounding homes and enhancing the quality of the community as a whole. The Design Guidelines explain the Covenants registered to your individual lot.

Purchasers (or Builders) should email a copy of the site plan, floor plan, elevations and finishes schedule in pdf format to the Seller’s Covenants Manager, of care of Restrictive Covenant Management WA, Attention: Judy Burnett, Email:

Local Development Plans

Bushfire Management

Community bushfire safety is a shared responsibility between individuals, the community, government and fire agencies. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has a Community Bushfire Education Program and a range of publications on its website As a new resident of Whitby you are encouraged to support the Mundijong Volunteer Bushfire Brigade who can be contacted through the Association of Volunteer Bushfire Brigades WA

In Western Australia requirements have been introduced into the planning and building process to ensure everyone is considering bushfire in the same way. As part of the planning approval process for Whitby Bushfire Management Plans and Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments are prepared for each stage and provided below for your convenience. These documents will guide you and your builder in relation to the building requirements for your home in order to comply with Australian Standard AS 3959-2009 Construction of buildings in Bushfire prone areas (AS 3959).

Landscaping & Fencing

Within the purchase price of your lot we include boundary Colorbond fencing to your property and a starter package for your front landscaping to help kickstart the garden of your dreams. The starter package includes reticulation with an automatic controller, turf and mulched garden beds with a variety of plants.

Upload your completed Fencing & Landscaping Voucher here:

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Stage Plans


Whitby has installed pit and pipe infrastructure and entered into an agreement with NBN Co. for the provision of a high speed fibre optic network to be installed by or on behalf of NBN Co. An In-Home Wiring Guide has been prepared by NBN Co to assist purchasers and their builders to comply with NBN Co’s requirements. You can find the In Home Wiring Guide and other relevant information on the NBN Co website

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