Perth’s Driving Force of Growth is in the South-East

19 April 2017
Figures showing Perth will need to squeeze in another 700,000 residents over the next 20 years have prompted calls for the inner-city population to double and for a fast train link to Bunbury.

The West Australian can reveal that projections supplied to the Federal Government show Perth’s south-eastern suburbs will become the city’s driving force of growth, with almost 250,000 people likely to swell areas such as Byford, Southern River and Whitby.

Compiled by respected modeller NATSEM, the forecasts suggest WA will add 953,000 people to reach 3.6 million residents by 2036.

More than 2.6 million of those will be living in Perth.

The city’s south-eastern suburbs will house more than 756,000, eclipsing the 735,000 in the city’s north-west.

Mandurah and Bunbury are also expected to become important population centres.

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