House & Land Packages

House & Land Packages

When you choose to build your new life at Whitby you’re not just choosing a suburb, you’re choosing a master-planned community in the southern suburbs of Perth that will one day be home to around 10,000 happy residents. 

We offer affordable home and land packages from just $358,000 in partnership with many of Perth’s largest quality builders. It’s as simple as choosing the type and size home you want and we’ll work with your builder to find the perfect block for you. 

Whether you’re a first or second home buyer, looking to downsize or just want to make a lifestyle change, our estate has what you’re looking for. Our building partners can help you choose the right new home design to suit your family’s needs and your new Whitby block perfectly. Why not take a visit to the estate and see for yourself some of our happy residents beautiful homes throughout the estate?

So now it really is up to you decide, what’s more important – more bedrooms, an awesome outdoor space, theatre room, the opportunities are endless. You’re starting with a blank canvas so now is the time to get everything you want in your new Whitby home.  

When you move to Whitby you’re making an investment in your future and, with well-priced lots now selling and great house and land options available there’s never been a better time to make the move.

Need help with finance? That’s no problem at all, our team have the experience and connections to get you in touch with just the team to help you with that. The options are endless so it’s important that you talk to the right person to ensure you’re getting the best finance package, for your new family home.

Whitby is a community of people all enjoying life at a slower pace with all the amenities and conveniences close by. It’s not just a property or a block that you’re purchasing, it’s a lifestyle.